Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowy Christmas

This Christmas has been very snowy!! We have had about 12-14" of snow, freezing rain, and ice, in various combinations throughout the past several days. It has caused a lot of disruption to Christmas traditions, all across the Midwest. Travel plans were foiled. Some people were "snowed out", while others were "snowed in." We chose to venture out sparingly and mainly stayed close to home. Our Christmas celebrations were altered, but not hindered.

First we got 6-8", on December 23, most of it overnight. The small photos were taken with my mobile phone.

Then another 3-4" or so on Christmas Eve Day. And more overnight on Christmas Eve.
I love showing the patio furniture (which we did not get covered up this year before the snows came) -- because then you can see how much snow there is.

It has been beautiful but also a bit exasperating. We were not able to have our usual family Christmas Eve dinner celebration due to poor weather. We are having it on Sunday the 27th. Just safer and saner for all. It felt different not to be gathered together Christmas Eve in the evening, eating and laughing and enjoying each other as we do every year. But we made the best of it.

The 2009 Christmas Blizzard certainly was eventful!!

Annual Lefse Making

Well! Seems it has been a while since I have posted!

Here is truly a highlight of every year. Our annual lefse making, on Christmas Eve morning. We had had 6-8" of snow, so we had to be flexible. My sis-in-law could not come, neither could daughter A. This year, a friend of mine joined us; this was her first time making lefse.

Grandpa was beaming and basically supervising. My job was mixing the batter--quite the messy job (basically you take mashed potatoes and add flour until it is still somewhat sticky). Then you roll out the batter as thin as possible and cook on the extremely hot griddle.

It was very enjoyable, as always. After we were done, we taste-tested the lefse. It is best spread with butter and brown sugar, and rolled up. (Some like it with white sugar). It was excellent!!

Sarah made one shaped like a heart! Pretty soon my friend, B., was looking like a pro on the griddle.

This is one special activity that we share together every holiday season. Even though we could not all be together in the usual way, we made the best of it, and we made memories in a new way. Great time!!