Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hally Happoween

OK so I can't spell.

Here are our 2 pumpkins.

Veddy Skeddy. Not really.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hmm-I've been tagged by Kate.

More to come on that later.

Krazy Kontainer

By our front step on the right side we have - an American Cranberry Bush. Unremarkable but solid, fills the space, looks nice, leaves turn red in the fall.

On the left hand side we had - a spindly old but pretty in a fragile way, little pink tea rose. It wouldn't thrive so finally I just cut it back into the landscape rock. Grown by our previous owner, I'm sure this little tea rose is 20+ years old, as is the clematis in another flower bed. Hee-the rose did grow back too, see below.

This year I decided to try a container. Thinking a large barrel-like pot with some height would be good to sit on the landscape rock, as it's a large area. Note on the landscape rock, dull gray. Not exciting by any means and is in all the beds bordering the house, most of which have bushes. Can you say "roots sitting in hot coals?" Too much trouble to take it out though.

Back to the container. My husband picked up 2 green squarish containers, which to me were a little small for the space. So after consideration, I decided to make a tiered container by fitting one inside the other. Filled with annuals. They loved it! Take a look. (That potato vine is one plant)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fun at the Circus

A couple weeks ago we went to the Zuhrah Shrine Circus at the Target Center. My husband is a Shriner, and I'm amazed how much they do for the community. The Twin Cities Shriners Hospital exists only due to donations. Children receive care here entirely free of cost. Specialties include orthopedics, cleft lip/palate, burn unit, and spinal cord rehabilitation. Events like the circus raise funds for this fantastic place.

Oh and of course the show was fantastic! Ever see an elephant do a handstand and walk on a barrel? "Dave" shot out of a cannon?
All this and much much more. There's something so innocent and childlike about going to the circus. Watching the faces of the kids light up when they see an "amazing act" or when they are chuckling at the antics of the clowns. Yet truly, it appeals to young and old. I had a blast.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spartans Flag Football Champs!!

Congratulations to the 8-9th grade flag football champs!!

Fun game last night on a very muddy field. A's team came out on fire and ended up winning handily by 4 touchdowns. The opponent threatened to score in the final minutes yet an interception shut them down and preserved the shutout.

Fun season!! Thanks all!!

Here's a couple photos from the first playoff game on Sun. Brr it was cold!!

And some photos from last night. MUDDY!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I just celebrated a birthday. Yes-not to call a great deal of attention to it (especially as I am in that middle-aged category), but it is the truth.

It was a nice day.

It is so much more special, because it is also my husband's bday. So we have a lot to celebrate! (oh and no one has an excuse to forget-ha)

My friends and loved ones expressed some very nice wishes and gifts. Too many to name. OK-wait, a fun jumbled email message, ecards, cards, gifts, cute fun purse from my Mom (thanks Mom!). Ah-but a couple unexpected nice surprises.

A friend called. Oh and she is older than me-by one day! I've known her since we were 8 years old -- we grew up together in Chicago and now coincidentally she leaves just a suburb away in the Minneapolis area. We were part of the doubleplay combo (2nd to 1st) on our high school softball team and also played together in college. So anyway, she called, and it was, well, nice! Not rushed, not like "oh I have just a sec HB and see you later!" But just regular old, chat away (on multiple subjects even!), take your hands off the keyboard, stop all that crazy multi-tasking and you know, just talk.

And THEN, actually it was a couple days later, after hubby & I went off to Duluth for a quick overnight trip. I got a package - flowers! My goodness gracious, it was a gorgeous orchid plant!! I've always thought they were aspirational, exotic, but had never imagined buying one. Which makes it the perfect gift. Nice nice. From Kate, one of my "bosses" and fellow blogger and passionate gardener. (and happy birthday to YOU today!!)

So...a nice birthday, very pleasant, plussed up by unexpected pleasures.

My heart is full.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Morning Glories

These guys FINALLY bloomed! Now that we have like a week or so before a couple hard frosts! Then the growing season will be done.

Every spring I pick up a couple Morning Glories at the local nursery and plant them at the base of the trellis that holds my favorite clematis. This way we have some late summer color -- or in this case fall really.

(I used to grow Morning Glories from seed but they are a little fussy. You have to nick the seeds and soak them overnight to help the things sprout. When I did this it was before daughter #3 -- not that I really was that less busy then than I am now. Hmm-maybe I should give it a try again next spring...?)

School Spirit-More

Wacky-tacky day fun.

Sunflower Re-Bloom

Hey-I almost cut these down, when I noticed the little black buds growing between the stalks! Which now of course are beautiful blooms. Nice! First photo is from our upstairs picture window.


Hmm-what would be a good caption for this photo?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fresh-Women Day

It is spirit week at the high school and middle school. 9th grade girls dress in neon and then take stickers with "I heart FW" and stick them on everyone in sight.

Like this. (but this is just me)

We had to go to Caribou this morning before school so she and her friend BH could be seen.

Remember those crazy and fun things we did in our youth to show school spirit!!??

Sunday, October 7, 2007

UGG Boots

I just don't get it. This phenomenon. That these floppy, soft boots that feel like slippers on your feet, could be so very sought-after by tweens and teens. My daughters have been pining for these for YEARS.

So we finally gave in and let them buy some. Well, they used babysitting money for most of the cost.

The girls are in HEAVEN!

(they went to the TC marathon today, and we had to explain at length that it would not be a good idea to wear them with puddles and wet leaves blowing about. Besides it's like 80 degrees out!)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Renaissance Festival Fun

Couple weeks ago we went to the Renaissance Festival, which I think is always fun. Acts-magicians, belly dancers, acrobats, jousting, comics. mm-smoked turkey leg for lunch!

We went on a little hike and saw elves' houses. Tried some juggling sticks. Saw snakes. Played some games.

That one yellow snake was HUGE. I think they said 90 pounds and 8+ feet long. The keeper was very mindful of keeping its head safe, so it was hard to grab a photo.

You can tell it was a beautiful bright sunny day. Fun!