Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Krazy Kontainer

By our front step on the right side we have - an American Cranberry Bush. Unremarkable but solid, fills the space, looks nice, leaves turn red in the fall.

On the left hand side we had - a spindly old but pretty in a fragile way, little pink tea rose. It wouldn't thrive so finally I just cut it back into the landscape rock. Grown by our previous owner, I'm sure this little tea rose is 20+ years old, as is the clematis in another flower bed. Hee-the rose did grow back too, see below.

This year I decided to try a container. Thinking a large barrel-like pot with some height would be good to sit on the landscape rock, as it's a large area. Note on the landscape rock, dull gray. Not exciting by any means and is in all the beds bordering the house, most of which have bushes. Can you say "roots sitting in hot coals?" Too much trouble to take it out though.

Back to the container. My husband picked up 2 green squarish containers, which to me were a little small for the space. So after consideration, I decided to make a tiered container by fitting one inside the other. Filled with annuals. They loved it! Take a look. (That potato vine is one plant)