Monday, October 15, 2007


I just celebrated a birthday. Yes-not to call a great deal of attention to it (especially as I am in that middle-aged category), but it is the truth.

It was a nice day.

It is so much more special, because it is also my husband's bday. So we have a lot to celebrate! (oh and no one has an excuse to forget-ha)

My friends and loved ones expressed some very nice wishes and gifts. Too many to name. OK-wait, a fun jumbled email message, ecards, cards, gifts, cute fun purse from my Mom (thanks Mom!). Ah-but a couple unexpected nice surprises.

A friend called. Oh and she is older than me-by one day! I've known her since we were 8 years old -- we grew up together in Chicago and now coincidentally she leaves just a suburb away in the Minneapolis area. We were part of the doubleplay combo (2nd to 1st) on our high school softball team and also played together in college. So anyway, she called, and it was, well, nice! Not rushed, not like "oh I have just a sec HB and see you later!" But just regular old, chat away (on multiple subjects even!), take your hands off the keyboard, stop all that crazy multi-tasking and you know, just talk.

And THEN, actually it was a couple days later, after hubby & I went off to Duluth for a quick overnight trip. I got a package - flowers! My goodness gracious, it was a gorgeous orchid plant!! I've always thought they were aspirational, exotic, but had never imagined buying one. Which makes it the perfect gift. Nice nice. From Kate, one of my "bosses" and fellow blogger and passionate gardener. (and happy birthday to YOU today!!)

So...a nice birthday, very pleasant, plussed up by unexpected pleasures.

My heart is full.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a birthday worth wishing for, and how great is that!

Mom and Dad