Monday, April 30, 2007

Shriners are fun!!

I never knew much about Masons. When my husband joined maybe about 10 years ago, I went along and thought -- wow, this is nice, interesting ceremony, then usually a reception afterwards, and I always met such nice people. I had heard of the Shriners, usually characterized by crazy, party-loving guys, dressing as clowns at the Circus, driving unwieldy little motos, just generally having fun.

T joined the Shriners last summer, seemed like a great organization. They have all these units, and the Legion of Honor was known as a "serious" one. Ha!

He got a "subpoena" to appear on a given date and time, and as it turned out, they were there to do the annual spring outdoor cleanup. I'm sure they were thrilled to have him haul the billion pounds of wood chips that they had on hand to lay down throughout the grounds.

And, he got presented with a "green thumb" award!! Silly, definitely...but a great way to help spruce up around the Shrine Center.