Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Dadems!

Today is my dad's birthday. Wish I could share it in person! Some great things about Dad:
- Always kind and giving.
- When I was a kid, he & Mom made sure that my brother & I were provided with opportunities to learn and succeed, whether in school, music-piano, athletics, and so forth. When I think back and consider in relation to how I try to support our 3 daughters, I'm just even more I know now as a parent, how hard it is to try to squeeze it all in.
- Great athlete! Tennis, platform tennis, golf, pinochle (OK just threw that in there).
- Musician. He picked up the clarinet again relatively recently, plays in a band, has been complimented that he plays like a the ripe old age of 70+!!
- Supportive.
- Well-liked. Fantastic anecdotal comments etc. when we asked for congratulatory input from friends & relatives for the 50-year anniversary scrapbook.
- Touching. Gave daughter S one of his clarinets to use when she started band. Special.
- Fun. Love Wrigley field! Many great memories there of games.

So...Happy Birthday!!

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Summer 2006

Us at Wrigley Field-at surprise bday party 2 years ago!
S at band last year with Dad's clarinet


Anonymous said...

wow this is really cool-nice photos. Josie

Dadems said...

Thanks Jane. I really didn't recognize me, except for the part about the great athlete of course. Mom and I are so so proud of how you are living your life. When your kids grow up you'll understand how deeply satisfying it is to have adult awesome offspring. Much love.