Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Like a Flash!

I have really enjoyed Shorty this fall, especially watching her take part in cross country. Running a couple miles every day at practice, being in good physical condition, a very encouraging coach, potlucks with the team, meets, and so forth.

Here she is at one of the meets. I took this with my mobile, as she was zipping by. She was hustling, striding out at the end of the 4k run. She cut a minute off her time in this race vs. the previous one!!

One of the things we as parents really love, is that everyone participates in every cross country event. The top 7 or so run varsity, then 15 or so run JV, and the rest run as well. There is also a shorter mile race for middle schoolers. And something else -- the girls and the boys are all there together! I can't think of another sport that is like this. I think it is really great.

Parents are fun to experience as well. Some parents run across the course so they can see their kids and cheer them on multiple times in the course of a 4k or a 5k run. Me? Not so much. I have a chair for the bad back, and I really enjoy taking in all the sights: kids warming up, kids warming down, the races, chatting with other parents, and mostly the encouragement that everyone gives to the runners.

Very fun!!


Kate said...

Love the way that picture turned out! And cutting a minute off her time is very impressive. I've never had any interest in running but if you find me a comfy chair, I'll happily watch the events! tee hee

thismngardener said...

Me either! My brother ran in high school and still do this day! I find it a bit torturous. I do bring a chair!! I'll post a pic of me & Super G at another meet. :)