Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I LOVE The White Sox

Yes, it's true.


I was just afraid to come out, being here in Twins country and all. What a great team: There's Cabrera, K. Griffey Jr., Swisher, and of course, fan favorite A. J. Pierzynski.

They won a nail-biter last night against the Twins, 1-0, on a homer by Thome.

Good luck to them in the playoffs!

Are ya happy, G.W.??

Ha ha per your note-I'd love to see a photo of my Dad in a Chisox t-shirt. It would be so terribly WRONG...


Anonymous said...

That was refreshing! Im going to send it to DAD.

Anonymous said...

That was a terrible price to pay. As you remember AJ Pierzynski was a Twin and is hated by everyone who has ever played against him. Me in a White Sox jersey? forgetaboutit!!!!

thismngardener said...

is that you, dad? Yes i know about pierzysnki. but he did throw a ball to sarah last year-so he's not all bad!!