Thursday, June 14, 2007

One Lone Foxglove

My garden is mostly shade. Our backyard is ALL shade (not even dappled really) -- a great challenge for someone who longs to look at beautiful, colorful blooms during our short growing season.

I had THREE foxgloves last year. We only have one remaining foxglove that over-wintered...sad. Not enough snow to insulate the perennials, despite one BIG March snowstorm.

And a couple weeks ago we had a little mishap with the garden hose, so one of the spires of the one remaining foxglove that over-wintered got chopped. I carefully detached it and took it inside, scornfully chiding anyone and everyone that could have been responsible (but really, everyone does this!), and with hope, put it in a vase to see if the tight tiny not-ready-to-open buds would bloom. Ah, and after over a week, they didn't.

So here is the one that is lone foxglove. I love the spire, and the little speckles of color inside the bell-shaped blooms.


Flohbock said...

It´s great.... Fingerhut...
bye Manuela

Anonymous said...

Thats amazing! The color looks great!