Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gardening & Family Love

Gardening, especially beautiful plants and flowers, has a lot to do with family love. Just think for a moment: do you have a special perennial, Christmas cactus, or other plant from a family member? For years, we had my husband's grandmother's Bleeding Heart, and after my wedding, I rooted and potted the ivy from my bouquet and gave to my mom and mother in-law (I don't even have one of these ivy plants any more!).

Is there a flower that reminds you of a loved one? One of my dad's favorite flowers is zinnia, so I think of him when I plant them. My mom is very talented with African Violets, which I kill readily every time I try.

My husband's aunt drives from Michigan to visit several times a year. She is the oldest of my mother in-law's 4 siblings, and she is one of the most spritely and active people that I know! This May she came bearing plant gifts -- 2 Autumn Joy sedums from her garden, and hollyhock seeds. The sedums are exactly like 2 others that I have in the front yard! Look, they are practically identical.
I hope they like their new home! And I will think of her often, as I am tending them and enjoying them this growing season.

Thanks Auntie Val for the special gifts! (that's her in the front...)


Anonymous said...

Jane-I've been very delinquent in not checking your blogs--sorry. This one is wonderful. You are definitely one of the great green thumbers of the world, and I'm very honored that you think of me when you're planting zinnias.


janemngardener said...

Dad-Sure! Sorry to say, the zinnias that we planted from seed didn't make it. Will have to head off to the garden center, as I have some holes in my flower beds to fill!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers look great! and so does your family. Looks awfully windy though.