Thursday, May 3, 2007

Planting from Seeds Part 1

Each year we attempt to nurture and plant some easy-to-grow annuals from seed, first in flats, then into the flower garden. This year the plan is to grow zinnias and sweet peppers. Zinnias are so colorful, plus they are one of my dad's favorite flowers. My friend Kate likes zinnias too!

G loves LOVES peppers, so we thought we would start easy and try some bell peppers (shorter time to grow due to their small size). Ordered from Jung Seed Company. They also gave us some tomato seeds, so we planted those as well.
So here we are, with the first step, planting seeds in the flats, full of hope for the growing season ahead (albeit short in Minnesota).
In a few days, seeds began to sprout...


Kate said...

Hey! Zinnias are one of my favorites, too. I was wondering what to plant this weekend. Figured I'd get inspiration from your blog. Now I know. ;-)