Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Twins Game - it was a ball!

We had some fantastic tickets to the Twins game the other day. Although the tix said Row 7, in reality we were in Row 3!! Right by the on deck batter (visitor's side). Since the Twins were playing the White Sox, I even called my parents and brother in Chicago so they could watch for us.

They were such great seats! We took some photos...

So we're sitting there, of course I'm keeping score as always and chatting with a very pleasant business traveler from Houston (big baseball fan), and we see one of the Sox players, A. J. Pierzynski, who was on deck, with a ball in his hand. Everyone in our section stood up and raised their hands. He looked, saw kids (S. & G.) and tossed it right to S. Wow!!

The ball even has a scuff on it...

A.J. -- You are all right!


Anonymous said...

What a thrill! Don't lose the ball cause we want to see it next time we're with you. Just because AJP gave it to you, don't become fans of the hated White Sox.

Mom and Dad