Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

So, today is Mother's Day. We all have mothers (obviously!), yet some mothers are mine:
- She is constantly supportive.
- She is always thoughtful and willing to help.
- She has been a great caregiver for Dad when he needs it (especially recently).
- Mom has the greatest memory of just about anyone I know. Mind like a trap!
- She loves to shop! (my kids like this one especially)
- She is artistic and prolific. Maybe about 10 years ago she picked up a paint brush and has barely set it down since!! She has delighted us and many many of her friends with beautiful paintings, of themselves, their homes, and other special subjects.

Her thoughtfulness exhibits itself with the packages that she sends, each celebrating a special occasion: a birthday, spring, Halloween, Christmas, and more. Always a personal, breezy note, and the coolest cookies and confections from places like Long Grove or *sigh* Frango Mints).

I don't think I've ever seen her more happy than being around her grandchildren. And I know that she gives them joy, too.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! Love you!!


Anonymous said...

your mom looks so sweet! Aren't grandparents special?