Friday, May 25, 2007

Planting Sunflowers

The other day G planted her yearly sunflowers. Last year we planted Lemon Heads, which grew beautifully. In fact, my mom ended up creating a painting from a photo just like the one shown in my friend's blog, of her looking up at the sunflowers. Lemon Heads have small blooms, so the weight of the flower does not cause the sunflower stalk to bend (which happens frequently with sunflowers).

This year, however, we decided to plant MONSTER Kong Sunflowers from Jung Seed Company, which can grow upwards of 9 feet tall. Ah...we shall see...

To plant: use your index finger to push the seed into the ground. It will be just the right depth! And getting your hands dirty is half the fun of gardening!!

Then water, and nurture!