Saturday, May 19, 2007

Army & Naval ROTC-Good Better Best

- Meeting and making a life-long friend or two from service time in the military.

- Staying in touch, though only periodically, when one friend or the other is traveling through.

- Having the friend's daughter study close by at the U of M (ROTC of course, but NAVAL ROTC, not Army!), so that we can connect more often!!

We had a nice leisurely visit, then pizza together.


Anonymous said...

oh yes, that was my experience too in the military. thanks for sharing

Rachel, Mpls MN said...

Did you know that I was in the U of MN - ROTC program? Navy though. I couldn't go any further because I'm blind...and they wouldn't allow me to get Lasic BEFORE I was "in"...but if I was already a part of the Military THEN got it - it was fine. Bummer. Even though I wasn't commissioned, LOTS of my friends are from that time.