Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thank You, Mrs. D.W.!

It's Nat'l Teacher Appreciation Week, so we're taking this opportunity to express how thankful we are to have a fantastic 1st grade teacher, Mrs. D.W. We call her this at home, because being relatively newly married, most folks don't recognize her by her new married name, so we have to provide both last names for clarity. Now we use the initials to abbreviate.

So, here are just a few reasons why we are thankful:
- She gives the utmost and greatest attention and care to the students. This is evident when I'm dropping off G. Often each child is greeted with a quick hug and hello.
- She is open and available. This is so important as a parent, to know, even when there are no problems or questions or concerns, that she is available and easy to reach.
- She is steeped in the curriculum. So evident from conferences that she is very much on the ball with academic goals and requirements.

Look at the results! G. is having a fantastic year.

Thank you thank you!
From-our family