Thursday, July 5, 2007

G the Shutterbug-photo contest winner!!

Was reading the local paper about 2 weeks ago, and saw the following:
The City of Edina has extended the deadline for entries in its annual “Images of Edina” photo contest. Community members who live or work in Edina are invited to share images they have taken since June 2006. Photos are judged on subject matter, composition, clarity, depth of field, lighting, quality of color or black and white, artistry and drama, degree of difficulty, Edina relevance and overall impact.

And G. had taken a beautiful photo of a swallowtail butterfly one summer day last summer. I thought -- why not? So we entered it.

So today, we got a letter from the City of Edina, telling us that "G the Shutterbug" won the Judge's Choice Award, and G will receive a plaque at the upcoming City Council meeting. Then they will announce the overall photo contest winner, who will be one of the 5 category winners.

Here's the photo. My friend Kate wrote about it in her blog, and I sent that along with the photo submission. (I didn't realize that you need to name the photo, but then since they had the blog post, they used her blog title for the name of the photo). And, sorry lest I sound too overly proud -- "Judge's Choice" was not one of the original contest categories, so I'm just speculating here, but thinking that they were enamored with the photo and made a new the category for the award!


Kate said...

Congratulations G!!! You're a talented little shutterbug, that's for sure!

D said...

Awesome photo! Photography must be in the family genes! D

Flohbock said...

So beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Way to go Miss G!!! I'm so VERY proud of you!!! Auntie C