Friday, September 28, 2007

Heart Bone-Heart Hug

Thursday turned out to be a long night after a long, full day.
All of our usual daily activities, homework prep, making lunches, then evening activities for 3 of us. GM and I were home, and finally at about 9pm we were all set for her to hop in bed.
Phone rings.

Grandpa on the phone telling me that Grandma's defibrillator went off, and we need to come over and drive him to the hospital -- she's going by ambulance.
Oh-so we rushed out the door.
She is fine today, so don't worry.
Their hospital is in St. Paul so it was a bit far. She arrived and seemed to be doing well.
Finally Papa came to sit with her so we could drive Grandpa home and go home to bed.
About midnight.
Late for me, and really late for a 7-year old.

Next morning, I sent a quick note to GM's teacher letting her know that she might be a bit tired. Also gave her a few details.
Grandma had a bunch of tests and ended up going home in the afternoon Friday, before the kids got home from school.

So GM gets home, and I ask, how did she do, was she tired, was she worried about Grandma?
She says:
- "My friend said she hoped my Grandma was feeling better soon, and I burst out crying."
Oh. She was not outwardly upset when she said this, so I think she was OK.
- "My other friend asked how Grandma was doing, but I couldn't say anything because I didn't know what to say, like what bone she had broken or whatever."

I had to laugh at this. Despite the worry and potential tragedy of the day.

Big hug to Grandma!


Kate said...

GM is such a doll... Thanks for sharing...