Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunflower Patch

One of my greatest pleasures in the summertime is just watching all the flowers/plants grow. My husband always smiles to himself as I come in after "surveying" the garden, and give him a detailed run-down on which flower is budding, how the tomatoes are getting ripe, ooh ouch the stingweed got me, wow golly it's dry, or yay! don't have to water because it's been raining straight for the last 2 weeks. What a joy to walk around and see Mother Nature doing her thing.

When the daughter plants the sunflowers, we just go and observe their progress, look at the bugs on them, catch the bugs on them, then after a while observing in the little bug catcher, let them go. It is fun.

The awarded photographer took this first one of the sunflowers blooming, can you tell by the perspective?Flowers are so bright, so cheerful, and I marvel at the fruits of her gardening efforts. *grinning their behind her sunflower patch* I love it.
I don't know, too many of us spend too much time griping about this or that -- oh the traffic, oh my gosh it's 40 degrees out, ugh errands, did you hear what so-and-so said to such-and-such about this-and-that, they are mad at me and I don't know why, I have so much work to do, blah blah blah...

But this little sunflower patch is a break from all that, a great big smile.


Flohbock said...

Wow is grat.... I love it!!! that´s really grat!

Exact "Krimikram" mean this and that paraphrase.
And Scarp ... Scrapbook - srappy

sorry my english is so bad.... I hope you understand what I mean...

by Manuela