Thursday, September 27, 2007

Peppers from Seed

Here are GM's peppers that we planted from seed. They are Banana Bill Hybrid Peppers from Jung Seed Company. They mature from light green to red. Guess I'll have to wait a while to pluck these. Hope it is soon -- because we will surely have a hard frost in the next week or so -- maybe tomorrow, who knows! But regardless, the 65 day maturity that they report doesn't look to be too terribly accurate.

This little section of the garden is mostly filled with Asiatic Lilies, that need to be supplemented with new bulbs. We'll be digging up the area right behind these plants in October and re-positioning our existing bulbs and adding new ones. Hmm-so I'll need to work around these guys when we do this project.

These peppers are right along our front walk, which I think is kind of a funny spot for vegetables and not expected. But it is a nice sunny patch in our very shady plot o'land.


Wunx~ said...

Those are some loooong peppers you grew.
I believe for things that are generally transplanted, like peppers and tomatoes, the days to maturity are calculated from setting out the plant, not from planting the seed. Only thing I ever plant that's as quick as the claims are radishes -- I don't even like radishes, just plant them for the speedy gratification.

Cute kids and cool bling on your blog. :-)

Kate said...

I like your idea of planting a garden that surprises people! Very clever. I visited another friend (when I was in town visiting you) who planted a long - maybe 40 feet - strip of strawberries up her walkway. She loves strawberries. Why not? :)