Friday, July 3, 2009

Butterfly Pics of the Day

Yes, we are hatching butterflies again this summer! Here are a couple recent photos of different stages.
Cute, fat caterpillar. "J" stage. New in chrysalis.

The chrysalis photo--this was an interesting process. When it is ready, it goes from the "J" on the left, to the chrysalis on the right. The yellow parts of the caterpillar stripes slowly morph into green and then merge together. On the right, you can still kind of see the stripe markings of the caterpillar. The process takes oh about a 1/2 hour. It was pretty cool to watch.

We now have 3 in chrysalis, 5 caterpillars or various sizes, and one teeny one that just hatched. We should have a couple new butterflies in the next few days!


Kate said...

Hi, J!
You take such lovely photos of those butterflies (in all their various stages.) Howsabout posting a guest blog on my blog? People keep asking me how to make this happen but I dunno...

Nobody does it better than you and Gracie!

thismngardener said...

Yes-I'd be happy to!! That sounds like fun. I will for sure ask for G.'s help...she will have to make sure that is it explained correctly, heehee.