Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Royal Old Friend

Every year this clematis breaks forth into bloom. It is amazing! It must be over 30 years old. It flows over the top part of the trellis, no matter how much I try to train it.

Often we take special photos by it.
Like this.
Or this.
Or just by itself.

This year is no exception. It is in fine form!!

Take a look at the very base of the clematis. See a little purple flower? It's a morning glory! Go figure. About 4" off the ground. I planted about half dozen from seed, with the idea that they will climb up the trellis and bloom later in the summer. Ah, well..

Dear Kate--Will you come have another photo op with our Royal Old Friend?? :D


Anonymous said...

I think we have twin clematis - although my petals are more rounded, I think.

Kate said...

Hey, hey... late, as usual. I REMEMBER viewing this magnificent clematis in all it's glory. Happy to see she is carrying on beautifully! And, I am overdue for a visit to MN. :))