Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google AdSense Part II

In a previous post I talked about the disturbing Google AdSense ads in my blog after I wrote of supporting a cancer survivor. Funeral plots, bereavement counseling-yes, sad but true.

So I wrote about Google AdSense, speculating that either these types of advertisers are bidding on words related to cancer, or the Google algorithm is matching my cancer-related content to funeral and bereavement related terms. The first case is disturbing, the second is really inaccurate...

Then I thought-will my AdSense ads change to be related to Google AdWords? (since I was talking about it)

And yes! Seems that it takes a couple posts for the Google ad system to catch up. But here's what it looks like today.

I thought this was kind of interesting.

Ah-I will now get some more Google Ads on my blog about Google AdWords/AdSense, since I am writing about this subject again.