Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Odd Marketing Tactics on Google?

OK-I'm in advertising. And I buy Google AdWords (pay-per-click) for several clients, including Land O'Lakes, which has a site with great recipes. So if you are on Google and are searching for, say, a Thanksgiving turkey recipe, our ad would come up, like this one from

Then as the advertiser, you pay by click. You can do this also for content, so if for example you are reading about turkey recipes on, then also the little ad appears.

So I thought-well, I'll put this Google AdSense ad block on my blog site. So this way, those that come to the site may see ads with relevant content. For this site, stuff like cookie recipes, butterfly hatching, sunflowers, family fun, school days, you know, things that are related to posts & content on the site.

So last week I put up a post about the teens raising money for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.

Now today I see ads for Memorials in Glass, Grief Counseling, and so forth.


This particular content doesn't have anything to do with memorials, grief, or anything related to -- death. It is absolutely 100% about life -- about survival, about hope, about making a difference.

So are there really advertisers that want those types of products promoted for content related to cancer, raising money for cancer, cancer survivors, etc.? Or is it the Google algorithm, branching out to these extreme and inaccurate topics?

Either way, this occurrence is sad, and disturbing.

Now-will I get ads about Google AdWords after this post goes live?