Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pointless Knowledge?

Now lets be truthful here.
Is my daughter A (14) ever going to use geometry and physics in her future?
Does calculating the acceleration of an object really matter?
So far haven't used any of it once.
I mean doing a glide reflection of A B C isn't exactly what i call something you absolutely need to know. Math should just be like calculating a checkbook or something that students will actually use in the future. Because wasting time on velocity and congruent shapes aren't exactly what I would call necessary.

(No offense to any physics or geometry teachers out there)



janemngardener said...
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janemngardener said...

Alright-A, nicely written. But please keep working hard. I know it will be worth it as an investment towards college.
Oh-and most people would know that I have no idea what a glide reflection is. Oh-but not that it's not important! *backpeddling*
J (your mom)